About us

Parburch Medical Developments has been designing and manufacturing disposable medical instruments for over 37 years. These are produced to the highest quality standards of both manufacture and design in the UK and around the world. All products undergo a rigorous testing regime to ensure that their operational capabilities match the requirements of the end user. We are constantly developing new products and improving our standards of quality and are now accredited to the new new medical standard ISO 13485 and working for our final audit for MDR.

View our 2021 ISO 13485 2016 Certificate.

Parburch Medical range of disposable instruments have been manufactured by Parburch Medical Developments Limited for over 21 years. Our products are both manufactured in Brazil, China and the UK to extremely high standards of manufacture and design this being ensured by the use and issue of our own tooling to guarantee and maintain these high standards

Our wide range of Proctology instruments cover the full needs of screening,GUM and Colproctology applications with lighting systems that cover cold lighting systems. This lighting has now been enhanced by the development of our new high powered LED “Light Stem” system for our range of Proctoscopes. This new development has come about by the concerns growing over the high probability level of “Cross Infection” that can happen with use of NON disposable lighting so these new units are completely disposable.

The disposable Vaginal Speculum range is the largest portfolio of any other company and covers no less than 5 types of Cusco type in both sterile and unsterile formats a, Collin Type, that can be used with lighting and also a Collin Type with Smoke Evacuator, Dual sized Simms type which can also be used with an optional dual sized curette, a Fergusson model in two sizes and recently we have produced new tooling for a range of Middle Screw type speculum with disposable LED light.

The range of disposable instruments covers scissors, clamps, forceps, both Cherron, Pozzy, Museux, Biopsy forceps and many other types for use in Gyni. Many of these instruments are made up into dedicated procedure packs. We also have Hysterometers, Cervical Brushes and other items in the collection of tissue and measurement that are required in many Gyni procedures.

Over the last 10 years we have successfully marketed range of respiratory products under the SPIRO trademark. This product is for use on patients who have had to undergo Tracheotomy procedures. This product is 20mm dia x 10mm thick and can be worn under loose fitting garments so is almost undetectable. SPIRO combines a filter, humidifier, heat exchanger and speech valve all in the one unit, which can also be connected to oxygen, supply.

We are constantly developing new products and improving our standards of quality.