Respiratory- SPIRO Speech Valve Systems

Parburch Medical is proud to be the UK innovator and supplier of the unique range of SPIRO respiratory speech valve systems which feature an easy-breathing, filtered air solution and integrated oxygen nipple.

Ref 710 - The SPIRO speech valve has a humidifier and heat exchanger that combines several functions in one breathing aid. 

SPIRO is highly versatile. Although primarily designed to be used as a speech valve with filter, humidifier and heat exchanger, not all these facilities need necessarily be used at any one time. SPIRO has provision for the connection of an oxygen supply and it is also light in weight and comfortable to wear. 

Ref 702 - The SPIRO humidifier offers the basic concept of SPIRO without the speech valve function, as a night time humidifier or HME valve only.

The Advantages of SPIRO 

The SPIRO speaking valve is unique and patented with many important advantages to meet the highest requirements:

  1. Only speaking valve with a FILTER that cleans the inhaled air. This prevents dirt reaching the deeper respiratory passages, thus minimising the risk of infection and preventing the need for phlegm suction.
  2. Simple to use, with a replacement filter. The valves should be cleaned daily in luke warm water and replaced after a period of use on not more that two weeks.
  3. Filter also blocks secretions reaching the membrane, which avoids interferences to the function of the membrane.
  4. Filter contributes further to pre-warming inhaled air.
  5. Low inhalation resistance - easy breathing as well as light weight.
  6. The membrane works quietly and precisely - the action is silent
  7. SPIRO speech valve systems can be used on all known cannulae and often without an adapter. Adapters can be supplied.
  8. SPIRO incorporates a renewable filter.The filter housing is not discarded with the filter, significantly reducing the cost of its use.


The Application and Versatility of SPIRO 

SPIRO is being used in the fight against respiratory illnesses such as the current Coronavirus pandemic  where a decision is made to intubate/perform a tracheostomy to increase volumes of air and with the additional feature of an oxygen nipple providing oxygen as well into the lungs. SPIRO has one of the lowest resistances so can deliver the maximum amounts of air and oxygen.

It is now being used by many leading consultants in the fight against coronavirus as it has many advantages. As the patient is always conscious throughout the period needed for this procedure, the recovery time is reduced and there are few or no after-effects such as muscle waste. This gives a far quicker recovery-time ,as the bodily functions are kept in use throughout the whole period of the use of SPIRO.


SPIRO has a long history having been developed by a team at Danderyds Hospital in Stockholm over 30 years ago, primarily to provide a quality speech function together with SPIRO humidifier, heat exchange function and filter for patients who had contracted the polio virus.