SPIRO Humidifier

Parburch Product Code: 702

SPIRO humidifiers are heat and moisture exchanges for spontaneous breathing tracheostomy users. The easy-to-use, cost-effective SPIRO respiratory system is the product of choice for many consultants in the fight against respiratory illnesses including COVID-19.

Product Information: The SPIRO humidifier collects warmth and humidity from the exhaled air. It then uses it to pre-warm and moisturise the inhaled air to reduce breathing resistance to a minimum. The inhaled air is cleaned by an exchangeable filter.

  • easy-to-open SPIRO HME valve
  • economical, unique exchangeable filter
  • valve housing connection for oxygen supply - capacity 6 litres / minute
  • filter divides the oxygen efficiently
  • very light and simple to handle

Sleeping / resting / night-time use only. For day use, see SPIRO Speech Valve »

Quantities: Sold individually.

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