SPIRO Speech Valve

SPIRO Speech Valve

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SPIRO speech valves are the only respiratory speaking valves on the market incorporating a exchangeable filter that cleans the inhaled air, minimizing risk of infection.

Extremely low resistances in the unique, patented SPIRO units ensure maximum delivery of air and oxygen, making SPIRO the cost-effective speaking valve of choice for clinicians taking a tracheostomy route to combat respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19.

Product Information: The SPIRO speech valve has a silicon membrane in the cap and works in a very silent and precise way. It provides good speech and ease when coughing, with a minimum amount of breathing resistance.

  • oxygen nipple for spontaneous breathing tracheostomy users
  • exchangeable filter cleans inhaled air, preventing course particles from entering respiratory system
  • renewable filter blocks secretions reaching the membrane
  • back pressure provided to support other common body functions
  • easy-to-open SPIRO speaking valve allows user to speak without need for finger occlusion
  • valve housing has a connection for oxygen supply - capacity of 6 litres per minute
  • supply behind the membrane gives 100% user capacity
  • filter divides the oxygen efficiently
  • very light and simple to handle • unique filter is easy to exchange
  • more comfortable user experience

Active / daytime use only – For sleeping / resting see SPIRO Humidifier »

Quantities: Sold individually.

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