Double Fenestrated proctoscope

Double Fenestrated proctoscope

Unique disposable proctoscope with universal light adapter (Model ref 505) and complete with integral disposable LED light (Model ref 505L) is made from clear, environmentally compliant plastic and is suitable for all proctological examinations.

This unique proctoscope has a “Sliding” shutter on one side and a window on the opposite side to give a greater view and examination area. Instruments can be used at all angles without obstructing the view of the operator. The sliding shutter can be opened to the desired length depending on the nature of the treatment . It gives an excellent view and at the same time protects sensitive tissues.

Local anaesthetic can be injected to increase therapeutic options. Thus universal proctoscope protects sensitive areas in the anal canal and exposes the desired areas clearly in order to facilitate the treatment of rubber band ligation, injection, suture, pixie and tissue samples.

- Adjustable slide
- Choice of examination area
- Better view of the entire anal canal
- Protects sensitive skin and mucosa with the slide during treatments
- Greater flexibility with many instruments
- Ergonomically stable construction

Product codes 505 for use with Cold lighting systems 505L with integral disposable LED light.

Boxed in boxes of 25.

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