Banding Kit for Haemorrhoid Removal

Banding Kit for Haemorrhoid Removal

Parburch Medical Product Code: 505LBK 

A convenient banding kit for effective haemorrhoid removal through rubber band ligation. The Medibuy haemorrhoid banding procedure kit comprises:

  • Universal multi-fenestrated single-use proctoscope with integral disposable LED light (505L)
  • Ergonomic ligator, loaded with 4 bands.
  • Additional ligator cartridge loaded with bands 

Convenient, easy-to-use and cost-effective both within hospital and medical practice environments. The double-fenestrated proctoscope delivers total clinical freedom as no external lighting is required and it can be operated with one hand, leaving the other free for easy use of the ergonomic ligator through the proctoscope's sliding shutter feature.

Additional Information

Benefits of banding kit for haemorrhoid removal procedures including multi-fenestrated Parburch proctoscope: 

  • LED-lit Proctoscope, ligator and extra cartridge of band together in one easy, fully disposable kit to take off the shelf. 
  • Adjustable proctoscope slide protects sensitive skin and mucosa during treatments, gives a better view of the entire anal canal and choice of examination area
  • Proctoscope design permits greater flexibility with ligator
  • Robust, ergonomically stable instrument construction 
  • Environmentally compliant plastic
  • Non-sterile units
  • Single use and fully disposable as clinical waste to prevent cross- infection

Integral LED light multi-fenestrated proctoscope additional benefits:

  • Accurate examination lighting solution
  • Easy use - no awkward trailing cables
  • Independent product, free of any other support lighting equipment
  • Reduced risk of cross-infection - fully disposable unit
  • Ergonomically designed in robust, clear styrene for better view of examination area and patient comfort

About the multi-fenestrated disposable proctoscope

This banding kit for haemorroid removal procedures includes a complete multi-fenestrated fenestrated proctoscope with integral disposable LED light (505L).

The unique multi-fenestration design incorporates a ’sliding’ shutter one side with a window on the other, allowing instruments to be used at all angles without obstructing the view of the operator.

The proctoscope sliding shutter can be opened to the desired length, depending on the nature of the treatment. This permits an excellent view, at the same time as protecting sensitive tissue areas in the anal canal and exposes the specific area for examination clearly.

  • Made from clear, environmentally compliant plastic
  • Fully disposable unit – single use to avoid cross-infection
  • Developed, patented and manufactured by Parburch Medical UK
  • Versatile proctoscope of choice for many NHS and private hospital clinicians and medical practitioners.

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